Machines and uquipment

Engineering production according to the customer documentation 

Based on the supplied documentation or requirement we are able to implement the complete production of engineering parts, subassemblies, and assemblies as required by the customer, including the technology installation, required overhauls, and device servicing during the operation.

Design and production of single-purpose machines and devices

We provide technical design, engineering  3D and 2D documentation, the design of pneumatic and hydraulic circuit, electrical documentation including the required CE conformity statement, and the operating manual for the machine or design for the single-purpose machines, devices, and tools.  We closely cooperate with our customer, and create the comprehensive product based on negotiations.

The design and production of lines for industrial production

We offer the design of production lines and handling systems.  It includes handling single-purpose or series technology, where we are able to construct automated set or unit.  We will install the systems in your operating plants and ensure their complete operation.  If required by the situation, we will include the automation unit or element in your production lines or machine.  We will ensure full functionality of the original software with the installed technology.

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